Date: 22 June 2019

Time: 11:00 - 17:00

Location: St Albans Charter Market, St Peters Street

On Saturday 22 June, during Alban Weekend, Committee members, suitably dressed, promoted Conservation 50 from a stall in the Market.

Explaining to passers-by the significance of the 50th anniversary, we asked them what aspects of the St Albans Conservation Area they would like to keep or enhance, and what they would be happy to see replaced.
As an instant snap-shot, the results were in part as might be expected, in part surprising:

What would you Keep?


Charter Market

Alms House

Museum+ Gallery (the old Town Hall)

Cycle Lanes (more please)

Clock Tower

All community buildings

Lakes in Verulamium Park

No 1 Upton Avenue

Better roads to improve the infrastructure

Thai Square building in George Street

Christopher Place

The Jack Wills building

British Legion building on Verulam Road

The South Signal Box

Restore Mrs Worley’s fountain

in front of the Clock Tower

Trees and more trees in the city centre

Smallford Railway station

The August Carnival that has ceased

All of Holywell Hill

Marks & Spencer, as an example of

architecture of its time

All of the High Street

What would you like to Lose?


A-Boards – especially by the Vintry

Garden and the Clock Tower

Multi-storey car park on Drovers’ Way

Drovers’ Way (presumably the whole ugly lot!)

Tasty Bites on St Peter’s Street

The Arena, as it needs rebuilding

Heritage Close (brutal and blocks the

view of the Cathedral)

The Telephone Exchange (a monstrosity)

Too many badly designed developments

2 x Council offices at the Civic Centre

The old RBS building

2 x Marks & Spencer (the building)

– the only item to make both lists!

2 x Thirlstane Estate

3 x Poundland building

Every poorly designed building

Telford Court

Light pollution